2019-2020 Class Schedule



Combination Ages 4-6: Tap, Ballet & Gym
A one hour combo class that is fun, inspiring, and a creative way to begin your journey in dance. This class helps to teach  coordination, rhythm, class structure, basic dance techniques and choreography. They will experience the magic of movement!
Combination Ages 6-7: Tap, Ballet & Jazz At this age we offer a one hour combo class of tap and alternating ballet & jazz each week. Tap is challenging and fun with its rhythm’s. Ballet is the backbone to all forms of dance. Jazz will let them find their own style as they move to the music. 

Combination Ages 8-13: Tap & Jazz
In this 1 hour 15 minute class, students will get 45 minutes of Jazz instruction and 30 minutes of Tap. The jazz portion will cover proper warm-ups, including strengthening and stretching. Progressions across the floor and choreography,  with an emphasis on vocabulary, technique, combinations and rhythm, tap will be challenging and inspiring. At this age we highly recommend a separate hour of weekly ballet class.
Hip-Hop Ages 7-18
These exciting and energetic classes will help each dancer find their own style, while working on strong moves, body placement and rhythm. Always a popular class, students will be placed according to age and level of experience. Hip-hop draws identifiable movements from other styles of dance such as Jazz and is choreographed to upbeat music.
A wide range of skills will be covered in this class. Intricate tap patterns, tap vocabulary and choreography emphasizing speed and clarity of sound. Step in Step offers a thorough tap program made up of 6 levels of progressions. Developed from a history of accomplished and professional dancers and amazing tappers. Each level includes bar work, center and across the floor combinations. Students will be placed appropriately as they progress in each level.
Beginning through advanced level classes, concentrate on technique, strength, and flexibility. With a wide variety of styles taught from musical theatre to pop and jazz. Dancers will learn turn combination’s and a variety of leaps, jumps and kicks. The class will incorporate center floor work and progressions, which increases their ability to remember choreographed to inspirational and exciting music, jazz gives the students an opportunity to express themselves in a stylish way. 
Ballet: Ages 7-18
Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance. Students will be placed in the appropriate level, depending on our Ballet Directors recommendation. The students will be taught proper placement, turnout, ballet techniques and vocabulary. Our ballet teachers have a special way of bringing out the wonderful story telling that ballet choreography offers.
Pre-Pointe & Pointe: Ages 13 & Up
Our ballet director Teresa Wells will evaluate the students and let them know when they are ready to start pre-point. Any pre-pointe or pointe classses require a minimum of 3 hours of ballet technique class per week.
Lyrical/Contemporary This class requires a strong ballet base to develop correctly. This class is open to ballet 3, 4 & 5 students. A beautiful style characterized by its fluidity, Lyrical/Contemporary dance combines elements of ballet, modern & Jazz dance focusing on self expression.

Class Selection/Placement

Students will be placed in the appropriate classes based on their technical ability at the discretion of the teachers.  Ages listed on the schedule are used as a guideline, and are not the only deciding factor for placement. Please contact the studio with questions regarding student placement and scheduling information.

Dance Attire

It is important for the students to dress appropriately , so they can fully focus in class.  Hair must be pulled pack in a ponytail.  Any color dance wear is ok, as long as it is spandex tight fitting.  Leotards, tanks, shorts, leggings are all ok.   Nothing baggy and loose fitting that you would wear on the playground. Black tap shoes, Pink ballet shoes, and Tan jazz shoes.  Individual ballet classes, students must wear a black leotard with pink tights and hair must be pulled back in a tight bun,( bangs pinned back).  Black shorts and skirt are optional for ballet. 


All students are charged a monthly tuition based on the amount of classes they are enrolled in, not the amount of classes they attend. Holidays are included.  Missed classes will not be pro-rated, but you may attend a make-up class. Tuition is due by the 10th of every month.  Regular attendance is essential for proper progression. Class fees are calculated by the number of hours signed up per week and will follow this progression:

3/4 HR $45 3 1/2 HRS $160
1 HR $55 4 HRS $170
1 1/4 HR $70 4 1/2 HRS $180
1 1/2 HR $85 5 HRS $190
1 3/4 HR $95 5 1/2 HRS $200
2 HRS $105 6 HRS $210
2 1/4 HRS $115 6 1/2 HRS $220
2 1/2 HRS $125 7 HRS $230
2 3/4 HRS $135 7 1/2 HRS $235
3 HRS $145 8 + HRS $240

Ex: If your child is enrolled for tap for 3/4 hour on Monday’s and 1 hr of hip-hop on Thursday’s, tuition would could $95.